Cashable Blackjack Bonuses

These terrific bonuses form the backbone for regular bonus chasers. They are valuable opportunities and need to be handled tactfully and with finesse. The last thing any bonus chaser wants is to be bonus banned from one of them because his behaviour needlessly alerts the casino to review his account. Remember the sosphisticated software that all online casinos use gives them fantastic information about all of their customers.

Bonus Abusers

Only the casinos themselves know the exact criteria that are used to classify some players as bonus abusers and restrict bonuses from them. Unfortunately they are hardly likely to tell us what these are.What we need to do is blend into the mass of ordinary players. Try to appear as a small scale player who just got lucky. One of the few that benefited from positive variance.

Here are my extra procedures that I recommend when claiming these cashable blackjack bonuses:

  • Don’t deposit, crash through the wagering requirements and withdraw all in one visit.

Nothing will hide from the casinos the fact that you are withdrawing more cash than you are depositing. But there is no need to wave additional red flags at the casino. If I was running a casino I would look at the betting pattern of all the accounts with this characteristic. Anyone attempting to hit and run would get banned pretty promptly. Only one casino has banned me after I have done the initial bonus (

  • Don’t give customer services extra chances to study your account

Everytime you withdraw money your account may be scrutinized. You can reduce the number of withdrawals you make from an account using a tactic sometimes referred to as “double dipping”. This involves waiting until the end of a month before depositing and then depositing again at the start of the next month. Once you have finished the wager requirements for both months you remove all the money in one go. This also minimizes the withdrawal fees that casinos sometimes charge. My bankroll now allows me to keep money in my accounts for several months at a time before withdrawing it.

  • Adopt a typical gambler’s pattern of play

If you have a losing run or the dealer hits three blackjacks in a row, stop playing or move to another table. Play on the multi-player tables if they have them and chat to the other players. Don’t insult their play however or bad mouth the casino. You won’t score any points for that type of behaviour. I particularly look out for empty multi-player tables or tables with only one other player because otherwise the rate of play is just too slow for me.

Cover Play

This is discussed endessly amongst the bonus-chasing community and refers to action given to the casino after you have met the minimum wagering requirements for a bonus. This is an attempt to fool the casino into thinking that you are a regular punter. The problem here, as I see it is that all cover play both reduces your profitablity and increases the time required. I personally don’t think it is worthwhile. I prefer to break down the wagering requirement into 8 or 9 parts and visit the casino several times over each month. If you are counting your bets then don’t make bets of exactly 100 units each time as this will definitely look unnatural. I generally play 5% or 10% over the minimum wagering requirements for each bonus.